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  • i can’t find where your firm really is. i much rather would buy these kinds of thinks by my self personally… ifs it’s possible. Is it possible to come to you and buy it straight from ya? i has burned my self many times when i was buying and paying thanks before i get them so if you understand me to give me please respond .. I’m from Czech republic and i have simply doubts … as i said it wasn’t the first time and wanna buy these kinds of thinks from net and it was fraud on me… please give me respond and sorry for my English I’m from Czech republic so i ain’t talking English well … but i have a very high interest about your products and id would very much like to buy em … i hope that you will and send me your response. … i simply didn’t find where your company stands and where i could buy it from hand to hand,,, if you can sell me that simply from somewhere … 🙂 have a nice day and ill be waiting on your respond wich will be coming I HOPE FOR THAT AND CANT WAIT … and i have a more qusteniones that i would to like ask you … Dominik from Czech

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